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Transport Management Consultants, Inc. (TMC), Texas National Transport, Inc. (TNT), and Red Oak Logistics, Inc. (ROL)are transportation and distribution companies who provide third party international transportation releated services. We have office and warehouse space in Houston, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida. Our warehouse in Houston contains nearly 300,000 square feet of space, while our warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida contains nearly 150,000 square feet. Both warehouses have trailer and rail accessibility.

Founded in 1977, our vision was to operate as a "one stop" transportation shop; eliminating the need for multiple vendors on an international shipment. In order to acheive this, we had to comply with various Fedral Regulatory Agency standards including; The Interstate Commerce Commision (ICC); The Federal Maritime Commision (FMC); and governing tariff freight conferences. We acheived our goal by establishing several companies each with different authority, thus satisfying regulatory operating criteria.

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Transport Management Consultants (TMC) In 1979, TMC obtained an ICC property brokers license, one of the oldest in the country. Buying and selling transportation is still a viable part of the Company. Today, with nearly 300,000 square feet of warehouse space with both truck and rail access in Houston, Texas, TMC services an array of clients and products.


Texas National Transport (TNT) Founded in 1992, Texas National Transport is an ICC licensed Contract Carrier providing trucking services. Operating over 30 trucks, TNT primarily services merchandise emanating from ports, and brought to warehouses in both Jacksonville, Florida and Houston, Texas. Today, TNT operates trailers, ocean containers, and flatbeds.


Red Oak Logistics (ROL) Founded in 1977,Red Oak Industries was established in Houston, Texas in 1991 and is licensed by the FMC as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC). Today, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Red Oak Logistics is a third party logistics center that maintains a 150,000 square foot warehouse. This 3PL center detail receives, consolidates and transports home improvement and houseware goods to customers in the Caribbean.